Some love stories never end, they go round and round and then come back, they make you think of some words in a beautiful song by Antonello Venditti when you look at the extraordinary miniature sculptures or jewelry made by Francesco Barbato.

Not only do those great love stories never end but in this case they become even bigger because love is the only thing which if you divide it, will multiply  making it stronger and more vigorous. 

So this man so fascinating and with a bohemian allure, so much in love with people that he even spends time not in his showroom but in the streets watching faces, expressions, those clouds running into each other in the sky, challenging the rain, the frost and the sun,  is a wonderful artist, in love with life and all those emotions that life can give to whosoever can catch them. All those experiences have been useful to him in reaching sublimation for his inspirations that are always so new and fresh. 

He jumped with lungs full of air into real life and when he got out he understood he could perceive the real breath of the world and breathe along with it and in tune with Anima Mundi where he expresses himself with an endless passion for creation. Creation is like breathing, living and being. His jewels are many things together, but more than what we can see. 

Jewels are his way to express something you have never seen before, but this is the very deepest sense of being, born to tell a story never told before and succeeding in telling a story that no one had ever had in mind. 

This is their poetry and their fame. An esthetic philosophy that becomes ethic and is like a guerrilla against what you already have seen or heard, against the usual market trends. 

This is the war of Resistance headed by Francesco Barbato and he is the wonderful barricadero. 

That's why his unique and handmade accessories catch the attention of women who perceive this exquisite beauty which like a great echo seems to play inside every creation. Because art is like a huge wind, the which shakes us from within giving us a long sublime perception. 

Those women that buy the sculpture jewels by Francesco Barbato are very knowledgeable and have great personality but more than anything else are tired of covering their body with useless things that they don't even love, but that they wear as a habit because marketing and advertising told them to do so. 

Those women feel imprisoned by the whole lot. None of them can really represent them. So when they see Francesco Barbato’s jewelry their faces light up with pure joie de vivre and feel a strong emotion because between them and a special jewel there is a mutual understanding. An appointment with destiny, each one waiting for the other. 

So a happy woman can free herself of a useless weight in order to wear the superb lightness of an emotion.

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